You leave home with PrestaShop ® has always been attentive to the needs of e-commerce merchants , in this difficult time for everyone, it adheres to the #RestartFromHome initiative of the PrestaShop community to help small and medium-sized merchants who have been forced to close following the crisis generated by COVID-19. ® as a PrestaShop agency is activated with a series of initiatives starting from a 30% discount on the entire catalog : modules, hosting and assistance and consultancy services.

80% increase in online sales

An e-commerce can help merchants not to keep goods in stock, since the beginning of the crisis, e-commerce has undergone a sharp increase driven by the online shopping sector. A Nielsen survey recorded an 80% increase in online sales of consumer products from the end of February to the beginning of March compared to 2019 , so much so that it has put the same sector in difficulty.

Increased searches for online services

An interesting fact is the surge in Google searches relating to the search for " online shopping " and " online pharmacies ". Which denotes an increase in demand and a greater interest that certainly will not decrease once the emergency that has forced a forced digitization from smart working to schools will not fall.

COVID-19 e-commerce remain open

Even after the last decree of the Conte government, e-commerce are among the few activities that can continue to operate within the limits imposed by the Legislative Decree of 11 March 2020 and the ordinance of 20 March 2020 of the Ministry of Health. ® is available to merchants who want to use this period of forced break to start the adventure in electronic commerce.

Restart from Casa PrestaShop

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Do you want to improve and optimize your e-commerce in PrestaShop? for the entire period of the COVID-19 emergency

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we take care of your customers. Ecommerce Migration® has migrated from Prestashop 1.6 to Prestashop 8.0.x the ecommerce, a company that has for years been the point of reference for companies and individuals who carry out work on electrical installations or deal with security.

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E-commerce portfolios created

Migration Ecommerce Arredomobil® has migrated from Prestashop 1.6 to Prestashop the Arredomobil ecommerce, a company specializing in the supply of furniture items suitable for the creation of offices and work environments, classrooms, playgrounds or the development of urban areas.

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E-commerce portfolios created Ecommerce Migration

Tecnoacquisti .com ® has migrated from Prestashop 1.6 to Prestashop of the ecommerce, numismatics from Trieste that offers professional services for lovers of coins, medals and tokens. From appraisal to buying and selling, a wide range of opportunities for enthusiasts and collectors.

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E-commerce portfolios created
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Certified E-commerce Web Agency® is among the first Prestashop Platinum-certified agencies in Italy and in Europe. We specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses sell online.

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You can rely on our digital agency for advice or resolution of issues related to your online store or company website. 

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