Online payment methods, nowadays, represent an innovative system that allows you to take advantage of a tool that offers the opportunity to make payments in total safety without any potential complications.

What are Digital Wallets

When we talk about new generation payment methods, in most cases we refer only and exclusively to credit cards or bank accounts.

Well it is necessary to take into consideration how, among the various types of instruments, there are also Digital Wallets, or virtual wallets, in which it is possible to place money and use it to carry out different types of purchases.

Thanks to this tool, therefore, you have the opportunity to carry out a very simple operation and at the same time you have the opportunity to avoid the use of other tools that, in certain circumstances, can be cloned or that encounter problems. potential similar situations and also negative.

I Digital Wallets, a tool synonymous with security

A Digital Wallet, such as PayPal, which is certainly one of the most secure and reliable tools on the web, also offers an additional parameter that must absolutely not be ignored, namely the security factor.

In this case it is important to take into consideration how the data protection system represents a fundamental element that prevents external figures from being able to access the online wallet, a key detail that must be taken into consideration.

Hence, already from this particular detail, you have the opportunity to avoid that this digital payment method can be exploited by different people than those who hold the account itself.

Money transitions also take place in immediate times and therefore with PayPal you have the opportunity to avoid potential negative situations such as delays and other types of situations that are far from easy to deal with.

Online Payments

How digital wallet registration works

Taking into consideration the famous PayPal Digital Wallet, it is important to take into consideration how the registration and use of this payment method is actually free.

The key operation that must be carried out is to register by entering all your personal data: each account, in fact, must necessarily be characterized by a series of information that makes that profile unique.

Obviously it is also essential to consider the fact that the aforementioned tool also involves the sending of personal documents: every person who must use a Digital Wallet, before being able to use it, must necessarily confirm his identity, so that the service can be exploited without encountering any type of difficulty.

Verification takes place in a short time: if you consider PayPal, for the identity it is enough to send a scan of the identity card, passport or driving license, all documents that must be valid.

For residence, on the other hand, a bank account statement or a scan of a utility bill, such as that of electricity or telephone subscription, must be present, in which the name of the account holder and the street must be present, which must be the same. to the one entered in the profile information.

Therefore, thanks to these operations, it will be possible to obtain an excellent result and to be able to take advantage of the Digital Wallet without encountering complications.

A payment method but not only

Digital Wallets must also be taken into consideration as a tool that allows the receipt of the various payments that may be requested.

For example, a freelancer, who perhaps uses the web to offer products and services of various kinds, can enter PayPal as a payment method on his site or send his email address when he has to receive payment.

Also in this case it is necessary to take into consideration the fact that the aforementioned type of transaction is absolutely not characterized by an excessive reduction of the amount.

PayPal, in fact, applies a light fee that concerns the transfer of money only and exclusively if this operation is the result of the payment of a service.

Therefore, thanks to this particular device, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the Digital Wallets to be able to receive payment for your work services.

At the same time, PayPal represents a valid ally for sending money to friends and relatives who live far away or in any case need a small loan in immediate time.

In this case, the money transfer takes place in immediate times and at the same time it is important to consider how, in this circumstance, since it is a particular transfer that has no commercial purpose, the application of the PayPal Fee is not carried out, therefore the amount is left intact.

PayPal, a highly compatible digital wallet

Another advantageous aspect that distinguishes this payment method is the fact that PayPal, as well as several other digital Wallets, are compatible with many traditional payment instruments.

In this case it is necessary to consider how it is possible to connect a prepaid card, such as PostePay or others, as well as those of your bank account, guaranteeing the account holder the possibility of being able to transfer money both to the online account, then to PayPal, and from the digital wallet to the connected payment method.

Also in this case you have the opportunity to carry out the operation rather quickly, thus avoiding that there may be potential complications and at the same time that the money can be somehow reduced due to potential taxes applied.

It is therefore an instrument completely without periodic and initial management fees and which can be closed at any time without notice and without having to pay penalties.

The digital wallet and mobile apps

Furthermore, it is necessary to consider how this tool is characterized by the presence of the official mobile application.

Always referring to PayPal, the mobile app allows you to carry out all the various operations as if you were in front of the computer screen, so that you are in front of the desktop version of the service.

With the app, compatible with all the different mobile operating systems, there is no risk of having to use the service only and exclusively from your computer or via the web.

Here is another reason why online payments, today, can be carried out with greater simplicity and speed, given that Digital Wallets are able to be a perfect tool for all your needs without excluding any kind of detail.

The advantages of Digital Wallets and PayPal

Digital wallets therefore represent an innovative tool that comes with various advantages such as, for example, the possibility of opening an account without being asked for sums of money, guarantees and above all that one's working and economic situation is analyzed.

Being a free tool and completely free of costs and lengthy and complex verifications, using this tool motivates a person to carry out shopping operations on the web with greater security.

If we add the fact that digital wallets are also a good alternative to receive payment for their work services, it is possible to offer the various services or products even to those who have never made a purchase on the web and who do not want to enter certain information such as information relating to the virtual payment method or online account.

Furthermore, the double key security system, i.e. password and pin that is sent to the phone via text message or Whatsapp, represents another reason to use this wallet without any kind of doubt.

A few small flaws of digital wallets

If we take PayPay into consideration, we can only notice two flaws.

The first relates to the wait before the money is transferred to other payment methods.

For example, it takes about three days from the account to the associated Mastercard card, while with a Visa Electron the transfer is immediate.

In addition, for each amount that is sent to the other payment methods, a fee of one percent is applied to the amount of money that is transferred.

Therefore, all these particular details must be known in the analysis phase of the digital payment tool itself, so that you do not have the classic unpleasant surprises once this method is used.

However, PayPal represents an innovative system capable of responding perfectly to all your needs.

The alternatives to PayPal

As for the other Digital Wallets, the main ones that can be exploited are essentially two, namely Skrill and MyBank .

As for the first of the two, it is essentially an alternative version to PayPal that has the same characteristics especially with regard to security and ease of use, which manages to guarantee the total protection of the various sensitive data without them being various complications.

MyBank instead allows you to enter different online accounts and use this service to make the payment without the classic account or the card associated with it being used for purchases made on the web.

Author: Stefania Tamberlani

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