E-commerce is growing in Italy and for everyone it can be a new opportunity to increase their share of the market in view of the positive forecasts for the future with the spread of 5G technology. The study of the purchasing choices of those who are already e-shoppers can help everyone understand what network users are looking for.

Payment methods and online security for a growing turnover

Casaleggio associates make a careful analysis of the digital market and made the 2018 Report available https://www.casaleggio.it/focus/rapporto-e-commerce-in-italia-2019/ on online purchases and habits Italians. The goal is to help companies understand the criticalities of the sector and how it is possible to exploit the full potential of online shopping and thus increase their turnover.

The first thing to underline is that Italians in online purchases are particularly attentive to payment security. 53% of Italians prefer payments through Paypal or digital wallets , this is because they can avoid providing data relating to current accounts or credit cards, 41% prefer credit cards , but most of these prefer virtual or pre-paid cards. pay. These cards are usually loaded with small amounts, often with the amount necessary for the single purchase, the reason is always inherent to the desire to protect personal banking data. There is no shortage of people who still prefer to pay on delivery in cash, but it is a rather low percentage also because there are usually cash on delivery costs, moreover there are users who pay by bank transfer, usually when the amounts are high, always welcome are the gift cards and vouchers. This means that to have a successful e-commerce it is necessary to provide customers with payment methods suited to their needs, in fact from the same report it emerges that unfortunately there is still a high percentage of abandoned carts.

28% of e-shoppers say they abandon their cart because checkout is complicated , while 13% say they can't find a means of payment that fits their needs.

The success of subscription sites

On the other hand, purchases with subscription are enjoying particular success, to give an example just think of Amazon which offers particularly favorable conditions to customers subscribed to Amazon Prime . The success of this purchasing method is leading many e-commerce giants to adapt, for example subscription services are offered by Zalando. This type of service, for a small subscription cost, offers free shipping, or discounts, selected products, in short, a high quality service perfect for those who love to shop online. Italians obviously prefer home delivery, even if the possibility of taking advantage of in-store pickup is becoming increasingly popular. Italians also show that they increasingly appreciate delivery by reservation, that is the possibility of personalizing the delivery and therefore being able to have the package at home in the evening, in this way you are sure to be at home. 37% of Italians are willing to pay more in order to have this service . Among the options that lead Italians to buy more and more there is also the virtual assistant whose goal is to improve the browsing experience, immediately find what you are looking for and then customize the experience on the site.

It is estimated that having a virtual assistant can increase turnover by 15%. For this purpose, our Prestashop modules can be very useful: Art Zendesk Chat formely Zopim , Product information request via WhatsApp and Art Facebook Messenger Platform Chatbot

Eco-sustainability of e-commerce and mobile

Increasing the turnover of your e-commerce is also possible thanks to a particular attention to eco-sustainability. Those who buy online are increasingly informed, love the environment and want to reduce the environmental impact of their lifestyle. The research carried out by Casaleggio Associati put 2000 e-shoppers at the basis of its data, of which 86% said they were worried about the sustainability of their purchasing behavior, while 76% even claimed to prefer e- commerce that have eco-sustainable packaging, 27%, on the other hand, choose precisely on the basis of the packaging chosen by e-commerce, thus preferring solutions that reduce the environmental impact. 21% for having a package derived, for example, from recycled cardboard are also willing to pay more. The real data support these statements, in fact, in the city of Milan in 2018 there was an increase in cardboard recycling of 6%. In support of the environmental thesis there is also the birth of start-ups that allow you to sell your used clothes to buy others, so there is the development of a circular economy in which less and less people are thrown away and recycled. The success of Armadio Verde is an example of this.

Future prospects for e-commerce

The future prospects for online sales are pretty bright. It is estimated that the advent of 5G technology will lead to an increase in revenue of $ 12 billion by 2021 . The 5G network will allow a significantly increased download speed, this will lead to an increase in access to the network of over 4 billion more people, four billion are current users so 5G technology will lead to a doubling of users and probably also turnover. In fact, it is expected that many of the new players with access to the net will be new e-shoppers. Precisely for this reason it is good to be prepared and provide a personalized experience in line with the requests of online customers.

Author: Stefania Tamberlani


Stefania Tamberlani commercial, organizational and administrative hub of Arte e Informatica deals with relationships with customers and suppliers. He has a high level of knowledge in the configuration and management of the Joomla and PrestaShop platforms, from the configuration of payment methods to couriers, passing through the management of the catalog and orders.

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