We are in 2021, in the middle of the digital age that sees contents of all kinds as protagonists: texts, videos and images of any kind. Speaking above all of images, how much does an image really count for a website or for some social profile whose intent is to attract users? Much.

For even more ecommerce, taking care of product photos can make the difference between selling or not. Like it or not, well-crafted and edited photos attract a large number of people who browse your ecommerce. Therefore, it becomes more and more important for activities of all kinds, to be represented by websites, ecommerce or social pages where the graphics are literally perfect.

Of course, you can rely on a professional graphic designer or photographer, but you can also try your hand at the photo and image editing process. Such as? Simple, through a series of software and programs whose use is used to process, create, modify photos / images or graphics. Also ideal for developing eye-catching logos. That's why today we will take you to discover the best programs for editing.

What are the best known programs for photo and image editing

The activity, whether it is a hobby or a profession, of editing has existed for a very long time and becomes more and more interesting, so much so that every year many people decide to take the path of the web designer or graphic designer. Existing programs or applications are truly varied. We have selected the best ones, in terms of quality and notoriety, that can provide you with real added value to your e-commerce in PrestaShop or social profile of your online store. Let's begin!

Adobe Photoshop

Let's start with the very famous Adobe Photoshop , more commonly known as Photoshop. It is probably the most famous program in the world, used for photos and to retouch images of all kinds, but also to create very high quality graphics. In fact it boasts of several truly amazing tools. Among the functions of Photoshop, the one that is most useful is the ability to work on multiple layers. This means that you can decompose an image to elaborate and modify it in all its parts, in a precise and accurate way. There are many plugins, including the one that allows you to work with Raw files, made by different cameras, and DNG. From 1990 to today Photoshop has always been a guarantee of professionalism and precision, continuing to be updated in increasingly modern and technologically advanced versions. An Adobe quality guarantee. Clearly the cost of this software is by no means indifferent, but there may be an alternative, however validated: Adobe Photoshop Express . It is a free Photoshop application for mobile devices, with which it is possible to edit photos with basic but high-level functions, in a simple and fast way, within everyone's reach or almost.

You can rate PhotoShop here:



Gimp is another well-known photo retouching, editing and photomontage software in the photography and graphics sector, represented by the likeable Coyote ilber, who feeds a brush with a smile. The project was initially born as an experimental thesis for the University of California, in 1995. Today it is one of the most used programs, together with Adobe Photoshop. In addition to processing and editing photography and graphics of all kinds with precision tools, with Gimp it is also possible to convert different file formats, even animations. Do not miss the batch processing in line (online). Gimp holds several functions, including the well-known image smoothing. The tools available include effects and filters (over 150), transformations, brushes (48 standard, to which many others can be added), expedients to create masks. Here images and graphics manage to reach a truly remarkable level of quality, which is why Gimp has achieved so much success in recent times.

You can download Gimp from : https://www.gimp.org


Comparable to Adobe Photoshop and Gimp is undoubtedly Krita, a program mainly used to create design and graphics, which for some time has offered very valid tools for photo editing and photomontage. Although it lacks some features that other editing programs are provided, it is free software acclaimed by critics, as it has managed to combine tools for pure graphic design with those for photo editing. Therefore it presents itself as an alternative to the most famous editing programs. Obviously, the tools it presents are limited compared to other software. This, however, does not mean that it is poor quality software. On the contrary, its editing functions are ideal for processing and editing images. And in any case, it is always possible to create captivating graphics. The speed is not at the level of Photoshop and probably not even the optimization. What distinguishes the aforementioned program are the drawing and graphics functions, as well as editing, but also the practicality of the tools provided . Indeed, many prefer its interface to that of, for example, Gimp. Furthermore, it must be pointed out that a large number of tools are available completely free of charge.

You can download Kirta from here : https://krita.org/

Corel Paint Shop Pro

Corel Paint Shop Pro is a photo editing, photomontage, general editing and raster and vector graphics software suitable for Microsoft Windows systems. Here too, among the various functions, there is the tool to decompose the images into layers, so as to modify them with greater quality and professionalism. Among other tools you can find many editing tools, which offer incredible performance. You also have smart cropping, batch images, full HD video development, and web publishing. To carry out the photo and image editing task, this software for Microsoft Windows systems would seem to be just perfect. A large range of quality products with which to process and edit photos with high professionalism, for optimal performance from all points of view. Technically, this software turns out to be quite accurate.

Corel Paint Shop Pro can be found here: https://www.paintshoppro.com/

Some rules and Image Optimizations for your ecommerce

The images for your ecommerce are vital in order to describe your products and your offers, it is good to keep in mind that in addition to the image quality it is very important to respect some rules:

  • Use the proper format , select JPEG for product images and PNG only for logos or transparent images.
  • Do not exceed the dimensions displayed in the template, it is useless to upload an image at 6000x4000px and 300dpi, if we then display it at a maximum of 500x500px in the data sheets of our products. We will force our client to wait several seconds in vain to see the image. It is therefore important to respect the dimensions set in PrestaShop for the images produced and for the slides.
  • Always save the image for the web or use online optimization tools such as tinypng.com , imagerecycle.com or imagify.io , for these services there are specific PrestaShop modules that can save us a lot of time.
  • Consider CDN services or WebP format conversion modules

The images for an e-commerce are equal to the showcase, if you are a manufacturer and sell your products online, I recommend that you contact a professional service, which can enhance the product and describe it in the most correct way.

Quality editing: choose the program and start editing

There are really a lot of programs and software for photo and image editing at the moment. But don't get confused - the ones listed above are by far the best you can buy or download. Thanks to these programs, the photos or images that you want to publish will have a different effect on the viewer: only and exclusively excellent results are to be expected. You just have to choose the software that best suits your personal and professional needs, starting to work on a new front.

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