TuttoTorte.com e-commerce migration

Tecnoacquisti.com migrated from PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 and carried out the restyling of the TuttoTorte e-commerce specialized in products and equipment for all those who want to know the art of sweet decoration and for established cakedesigners always looking for news.

TuttoTorte is born from the passion for cake design or the practice of decorating with sugar paste, icing and other sweet and cake elements. Specifically, it is an e-commerce site, which provides customers with all the necessary tools for those who want to know and fully experience the art of sweet decoration. The products offered for sale are truly vast and it is thus possible to get lost among countless sugar pastes, food coloring, pastry cutters, cake board and cake boards but also special decorations, candles and food preparations. As for the sugar paste, within it there are different categories which include for example the sugar paste to be used as a cover in desserts, modeling or gum paste.

These products are absolutely necessary to be able to create decorations of any type and any color. The sugar paste is also perfect for any season as it does not ooze and dries easily, it does not need any additives and is very easy to spread. In the case of TuttoTorte food colors, many shades are available ranging from classic black to bronze. It is also possible to buy the food marker with double tip, necessary to be able to make the most of any type of decoration. The dyes are produced in both powder, gel and spray form, to allow any cake lover to use the tool they deem most useful and necessary. To give your cake the color you want, just use a few drops.

The pasta cutters are fundamental when preparing desserts to give a particular shape to the creations. On the TuttoTorte e-commerce site it is possible to opt for many pastry cutters, with which it is possible to create particular biscuits, from the classic icons of animals such as rabbits, butterflies and chicks to the special decorations for first communion such as angels or chalices. Once the cake has been prepared, however, it is necessary to have a tray at your disposal to be able to hold it.

At TuttoTorte there are many cake boards and cake boards, with variegated colors and the most disparate sizes. In addition to the classic silver and gold shades, it will be possible to choose between red, blue or glittery yellow. Also on the TuttoTorte site there are also red, blue and pink candles to be placed on top of the cake and to celebrate some birthday, while flower lovers have at their complete disposal a wide range of tools all essential to adorn the flowers in the most floral way possible. own beautiful cakes. All lovers of cooking and desserts, however, must never miss the incredible news, in which new products are periodically added directly to the site. From time to time it is also possible to take advantage of the incredible offers made available by TuttoTorte with discounts and reduced prices up to 40%. TuttoTorte can thus be defined as a site widely supplied with all the necessary material not only to create and decorate your cakes in the best possible way and also to be able to adorn them and make them extremely personalized and special. By purchasing some of the appropriate decorations, it will be possible to give free rein to your imagination, creating and experimenting with fantastic and delicious sweets of all kinds.

TuttoTorte specializes in products and equipment for all those who want to know the art of sweet decoration and for established cakedesigners always looking for novelty.

Ecommerce : https://www.tuttotorte.com/

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