Tecnoacquisti.com® has created the new Ecommerce in PS 1.7 by Cilli Garden, a company that has been operating for some time as a reference point in the sector of services for agriculture, livestock, garden, home and hobby; the recipients of these services are not only companies or professionals but also individuals. Its foundation dates back to 1958 thanks to the initiative of Egidio Cilli.

The activity initially found a boost as a small shop in the center of San Salvo: its main object was the sale of agricultural products, feed for poultry animals and seeds to grow. Subsequently, Cilli Garden began to deal with storage and to diversify and expand its business, also marketing cereals and olives; as a result, the company managed to expand its size, so much so that it passed into the hands of the brothers Vito and Luciano Cilli, changing its name to "Cilli Vito, Luciano and C." among other things. And in 2010 the company decides to take a new decisive step forward and to inaugurate, under the new management, one of the largest Garden Centers in the province: a new, larger store, which allows it to become one of the points of reference in the sector.

The new headquarters is decisive for increasing the visibility of the company on the market: this allows it to further improve its competitive positioning thanks to the great experience gained over the years, but also by virtue of the considerable know-how and the competence and availability of its precise and efficient staff. However, 2018 is another important year for the history of this company, which sees the entry of Egidio and Francesco, the two sons of Vito Cilli: the company changes its name once again, this time in "Cilli Garden", which it is still used today.

The Garden Center inaugurated in 2010 is characterized above all by its considerable size: over ten thousand square meters are used to provide large spaces dedicated to gardening, outdoor furniture, the pet shop but also to pellets and wood. This point of sale is also characterized by a vast assortment, in fact there are about 550 products for agriculture, professional and otherwise: among seeds, seedlings, fertilizers and fertilizers you can find practically everything, without forgetting that in addition to the equipment also the 'safety clothing. There are also several products for the garden, approximately 450: not only the simplest irrigation systems, but also stones, soils, carpets and plants, whose task will be to improve the functionality, in addition to the aesthetic side, of your green corner. Instead, there are about 300 products dedicated to animals: mainly they concern food (for domestic, wild or courtyard animals), but pesticides and various hygiene products are also available, so as to be able to preserve their health. The assortment is therefore very varied, so much so that it includes other different types of products, including those for the home, to decorate their balconies, and others related to the world of hardware, so as to be able to dispose, in any eventuality, of every useful tool to face any problem.

In particular, as regards agriculture, Cilli Garden offers a wide range of products for every type of cultivation, thus being able to intercept the real needs of its customers, whose number is always increasing. All this from the point of view of an agriculture that is no longer a mere exploitation for the production of food: agriculture is also protection of the environment and the territory, but above all sustainability, innovation and direct communication with farmers, who are the real protagonists of the agricultural world.

As regards breeding and the world of animals in general, Cilli Garden has a vast assortment of food products for farm and courtyard animals, but also for domestic ones, in order to carefully interpret what the real needs are. of its customers. Furthermore, the company offers its customers a wide range of zootechnical equipment for animals of any size (large, medium or small), without forgetting all those products, such as pesticides, useful for preserving their health.

As for gardening, however, Cilli Garden is trying to satisfy the needs and requirements of all those customers who are approaching this hobby: a healthy habit, which manages to remove the stress, thoughts and problems of everyday life. . More and more people are dedicating themselves to the care of greenery, even if they are small spaces inside their balconies: the company, thanks to its vast assortment, is able to offer its customers the right solutions in a to be able to carry out your hobby activity carefully.

Cilli Garden also guarantees its customers other different types of services, which go beyond simple after-sales support or technical assistance for the machines on the market: the company, in fact, offers its advice on products and accessories, professional repairs and the rental of its own equipment for olive harvesting, as well as home delivery.
Furthermore, for customers there is the possibility of being able to resort to the competence and professionalism of an agronomist consultant in the field, ready to provide them with the most appropriate solutions to their problems but also to support them in coping with the various regulations and related obligations. , including the compilation of the campaign notebook. In addition, it is possible to have customers stipulate real supply chain contracts, in order to guide farmers in the choices to be made about the varieties to be sown and the techniques to be used, but also in the sale of cereals, determining a sale price. transparent and linked to the official price lists issued by the main national commodity exchanges.

The Cilli Garden customer service is available by phone at 0873 54141, in addition to home delivery, fast shipments are provided, which allow you to deliver your products throughout Italy within one or two working days, while payments are safe, either by credit card or PayPal or by cash on delivery.

website: www.cilligarden.com

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