" To do everything, you need a flower ... " so sang a famous tune and that's right, with a flower it is possible to communicate a feeling and celebrate a moment of joy to be shared, even at a distance.

Fiori Roma is the site of the capital that deals with delivering fresh flowers throughout the Roman territory, even within the day and in very quick times.

Just choose your favorite flower arrangement on the e-commerce and pay comfortably with Paypal or by card, with the certainty of ordering a floral gift that will arrive at its destination immediately.

But let's see together what are the services offered by Fiori Roma, the online floral shop where you can choose from many stylish compositions, beautiful to see and to receive.

Break into the hearts of the people you love with a fragrant and colorful gift!

Compositions for every occasion

With a flower you can celebrate any moment of celebration and make yourself feel close to loved ones with a floral gift.

On the Fiori Roma e-commerce it is possible to evaluate among dozens of floral compositions and decorations, designed for every occasion:

  • birthday and anniversary;
  • birth of the baby;
  • marriage;
  • graduation and important academic achievements;
  • name-day;
  • funeral tribute.

Furthermore, you can choose the floral arrangement based on the holiday, selecting the most suitable one for Christmas, Easter, but also for Mother's and Father's Day, on March 19th.

Let's discover the floral compositions of Fiori Roma together

On the Fiori Roma online shop it is possible to buy and ship not only splendid floral compositions, but also a gift box designed for any festive occasion. In fact, you can buy baskets with a bottle of sparkling wine supplied, or a nice soft toy, for example on the occasion of the birth of the baby.

On Fiori Roma you can choose from dozens of compositions designed by master florists, including:

  • bouquet of roses;
  • orchids;
  • Christmas compositions;
  • floral crowns for graduation;
  • richly decorated apartment plants;
  • birth decorations with pink or blue bows (or whatever you like);
  • decorations and ornaments for baby showers;
  • floral baskets for the Christmas and Easter holidays;
  • floral tributes for commemorations and condolences.

Fresh and fragrant flowers carefully chosen by the master florists of Rome

With Fiori Roma it is possible to order beautiful fresh flowers specially selected by those who know them, with special care and attention to the seasonality of the varieties and species.

Here are some style suggestions for a heartfelt giveaway.

1. roses of a thousand shades to express a feeling

An orchid is a sophisticated plant for any special occasion, so beautiful that you just need to add some sober and refined decoration.

3. colorful buttercups and peonies

Perfect for celebrating a wedding, buttercups and peonies have a round corolla that represents grace and femininity.

According to the meaning of the flowers, they are the ideal species to celebrate the newlyweds, as they are the symbol of love, fecundity and mutual attraction of lovers that is renewed over time.

Giving a peony has a strongly auspicious and auspicious meaning: the buttercup, with its bright colors, is ideal for a wedding floral arrangement and to greet the promised and future spouses.

4. wildflowers, Asian plume astilbe and ears of corn

Perfect for a country and shabby chic floral arrangement , with which to celebrate a summer day, these flowers go very well with poppies and tulips, a symbol of joy, wealth and happy days.

Fiori Roma is the online shop where you can buy any type of flower arrangement and pay homage to your loved one, with a fast, tracked and guaranteed delivery service in all the various steps.

Sending flowers to Rome has never been easier, word of Mercury, the messenger of the gods!

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