migrated from PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 and carried out the restyling of the e-commerce Particolari is an Italian company that has been dealing with fashion accessories for both men and women since 1998. In their assortment it is possible to come across bags, bijoux, small leather goods, luggage, scarves, belts and many other modern and trendy creations. We are talking about ageless products, suitable for a Christmas gift or for any other occasion in which we need items with an excellent quality / price ratio. Maybe for a fashion gift!

The brand speaks of a world made of dynamism, style and trends. A brand present throughout Italy, with over 100 points of sale! A combination of success, precision and dedication to work that strikes the hearts of customers every day. A world to discover even if you are a beginner and you want to get the support of a company that is competent in the field and that makes the right means available to aspiring entrepreneurs. So here we want to go and have a close look around the world. Details ... Let's get started!

Special Products - How to buy them?

Special products can be purchased in a few clicks, through the official website. Each item is traceable through a practical menu divided into sections, which will make the search quick and easy. Payments can be made by credit card, Postepay, Paypal or bank transfer. All products are also covered by the "Easy Return" service, for which each customer can decide, in the event that he is not satisfied with the purchase, whether to replace the purchased product or be refunded. Among the most coveted services / products of the site, we find the issue of Gift Cards, or special cards with a minimum value of € 50, which can be purchased to give credit to whoever you want. This type of gift allows the birthday boy to decide in total autonomy how to spend the credit received, thus having the possibility to select with his own eyes the one that best suits his tastes. An excellent idea for those who do not have good taste in giving gifts and prefer to delegate the choice of the gift. As for the shipping costs, they are zeroed in the case of orders to be shipped in Italian territory with an amount between € 30 and € 99, over € 100 of the order, shipping is free even abroad. For orders below € 30, the shipping cost will be € 6.90. Delivery times are around 2/3 working days.

The new products proposed by Particolari

For those who want to stay updated on the latest news on the site, it is possible to browse the trendiest articles in a special section. In this part of the site the surfer will have the certainty of finding modern articles, in step with the times and optimal for those who want clothing or accessories that are never discounted. The rich assortment is guaranteed by the skill of the team of experts who work behind the scenes every day to select ever new products capable of satisfying even the most demanding customer. The refresher courses allow just that. A lot of imagination in the choice of products and great competence in understanding what are the fashions of the moment and what are the customers' requests. Only by observing and studying the market is it possible to remain competitive and enter the hearts of the buyers ... Just like Particolari does!

Particular Franchises, an advantageous opportunity!

Opening a Particolari store is not only simple but also highly advantageous in terms of investment. In fact, the site allows those who wish to receive information about the opening of branded outlets. The Particolari company is committed to guaranteeing the supply of products on consignment, training and continuous refresher courses, profit margin even during discount periods, area exclusivity and many other advantages that only those who are experts in investments in the fashion field will be able to grasp. deep inside.

Customer service

Particolari, to provide maximum support to its customers both in the pre-purchase and post phases, provides a format to be filled in to be quickly contacted via email by the staff in charge of user assistance.
In conclusion, we can therefore say that we have told you about a company operating in the fashion sector that works efficiently every day to ensure customer satisfaction and all those who believe in the Particolari brand. A winning reality, it has been part of the Italian market for more than 20 years and is already planting the seeds to stay on the crest of the wave for as many. So all you have to do is run to the official website and ... Start shopping right away! We are sure you will not be dissatisfied! Fashion conquers everyone ... let Particolari conquer you too with its fantastic articles!

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