Mitel Computer, located in Rome, Ponte Lungo Metro area in San Giovanni, is the shop also active online where you can buy mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, computers and notebooks from the best brands. E-commerce also offers latest generation hardware and peripherals to meet all needs, but not only.

In fact, Mitel Computer deals with the repair, assistance and rental of computers, electronic devices, notebooks, data recovery and telephone switchboards. In this regard, Mitel Computer employs experienced, highly qualified personnel to ensure high quality services in the shortest possible time and with professional results.

Quality, reliability, punctuality and highly competitive prices are the strengths of Mitel Computer, which is chosen every day by many customers looking for cutting-edge products for the office and home, as well as the latest news in the IT and technology sector. .

Mitel Computer: vast assortment for every need

Scrolling through the online windows of Mitel Computer it will be possible to find many products distributed by the most well-known and appreciated brands of the moment. The offer begins with articles for the maintenance of electronic devices, where you can find batteries, chargers, bags, backpacks, but also technical clothing and accessories such as jackets, vests, umbrellas, caps, thermal bottles, polo shirts and catalogs.

Mitel Computer is also the shop where you can order everything for networking, such as Ethernet network adapters, NW power supplies, cabinets, network cables, passive components, fiber optics, firewalls, surge filtering accessories, media converters, midspans, switch modules , routers, range extenders, wireless networks, Ethernet network cards, video splitters and numerous items for home and commercial video surveillance.

The range of cables is also very wide, including adapters for PCs, connectors and converters. There is no shortage of power cables, multimedia, video, A / V Fiber Optic, telephone, iPhone, Apple and tablet cables.

Mitel Computer e-commerce is now the point of reference for making every office more organized and functional. The proposals include stationery, cleaning and maintenance products, anti-theft devices, consumables, chairs, blackboards, tables, workstations and many other furnishing accessories.

Inside the computer section, on the other hand, it will be possible to order with simple clicks everything necessary for assembly, power supply, pc components, monitors, keyboards, mice, pc cards, multifunction printers, servers, software, USB, accessories for gaming and personal computers suitable for work, study, distance learning and free time.

Mitel Computer offers a wide range of products for electronics, home automation, home cinema, detectors, sensors, urban mobility, webcams, video door entry systems, audio speakers, lamps, lighting, surveillance, telephone accessories, gateways, analogue intercoms, cell phones, Voip, smartphone and much more.

Those who intend to save further on the list price, but without sacrificing the highest quality, can focus on the assortment of refurbished products that includes monitors, notebooks, power supplies, smartphones, tablets and pc components distributed by the most famous brands.

Refurbished items, i.e. regenerated or reconditioned, have been withdrawn from the market, repaired, tested by replacing defective or non-functioning parts, then carefully checked, carefully sanitized and repackaged. The purchase of these items is therefore safe and guaranteed.

Mitel Computer: vast assortment for every need

Mitel Computer: operational rental and assistance

Customers who turn to Mitel Computer can also take advantage of a new and convenient form of purchase, namely operational rental. The formula allows to maintain company liquidity, without therefore investing the sums for the purchase of products destined to devalue rapidly.

Customers, specifically, can choose to rent telephone switchboards, telephone accessories, sever, video surveillance systems, televisions for hotels, computers and notebooks. The service can be customized with installments from 18 to 60 months, without paying any initial down payment or the maxi fee.

At the end of the rental, the customer can choose whether to keep the rented property by paying a small 1% ransom. In any case, the fee is deductible for IRES and IRAP purposes. The asset, on the other hand, will not be part of the real estate assets, therefore ultimately it will not be a burden on the Sector Studies.

The rental follows an easy and fast process, with automatic resolutions for amounts exceeding € 15,000.00. The amount appears in the balance sheet as current expenditure. The latter is configured as a service charge. The item can also include maintenance and insurance for theft, fire, damage, etc.

Mitel Computer also offers extensive assistance on networks and servers. It will therefore be possible to request the configuration of small, domestic and corporate networks, as well as the installation of ADSL modem routers, including wifi, as well as protect and make your connection even more secure with a password.

The Mitel Computer team also deals with upgrades of PCs, notebooks and repairs of software and hardware failures. It also effectively solves system problems, as well as those concerning slow start-up and affecting the good use of the device.

Also noteworthy are the repairs of mobile phones and tablets, which provide for the rapid identification of the fault and the subsequent repair in a short time. The service includes the replacement of damaged parts with original spare parts. Mitel Computer specializes in Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and Blackberry repairs.

Recovering data from memory cards, USB and hard drives, both internal and external, has never been so simple. This service can also be run on damaged devices and includes saving data, permanently deleting viruses and fully restoring machine and file functionality.

Numerous offers on tablets, smartphones, PCs and other devices, offered at a lower price than the list price. Mitel Computer offers extensive telephone and email assistance, both in the pre-sales and post-sales phases. Requests are processed quickly and ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Mitel Computer also accepts payments by credit card, PayPal and bank transfer, ensures fast shipments in 24/48 hours and adopts simple and fast return policies. The products available for sale are covered by the legal guarantee on manufacturing defects for 24 months.

Customers can in fact return the products within 14 days from the day the goods were delivered, following the instructions indicated on the site and sending a specific communication. The return costs remain the responsibility of the buyer who will be able to receive a refund of the amount spent quickly. Ecommerce Migration® has migrated from Prestashop 1.6 to Prestashop 8.0.x the ecommerce, a company that has for years been the point of reference for companies and individuals who carry out work on electrical installations or deal with security.

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