Tecnoacquisti .com® has migrated and started the ecommerce of Personal Salus Farmainforma.net, an online parapharmacy to give the possibility to access the best products in the pharmaceutical department. The parapharmacy represents a point of reference to be able to find all the products you need.

The brand has expanded to embrace the entire cosmetics section, gradually adding it to the central sector of parapharmaceuticals over time.

Over the years, Farminforma.net has wanted to offer an all-round service that could make available to the customer all the professionalism that is required of this sector to which to add a varied range of products ranging in every field from the orthopedic sector to hair care.

In fact, both of these sectors cover a large part of the products that are often seen in other centres, but trusting the experience and studies with which Farmainforma has chosen to select the products it sells certainly has an added value.

In fact, the parapharmacy is made up of qualified elements and an expert team that periodically continues to improve its qualification through specialists who offer their expertise on specific topics on a regular basis.

The theme days, in fact, are a real flagship for Farmainforma which combines the advantages of raising awareness of various problems with the offer of the best solution closest to the customer's needs.

Through these days, real free meetings are organized where you can attend exhibitions on the latest discoveries in various fields and be able to view the products that are developed from time to time to solve problems or improve certain ailments.

In this way Farmainforma offers a very important service to the community while showing the great will to always improve in order to always give the best.

Farminforma, what does it offer?

The real objective of this reality is therefore customer satisfaction: to offer the best product through a courteous, informed and available service.

This is a must for Farmainforma, one of the cornerstones that characterizes this parapharmacy and will continue to do so over time. In fact, to satisfy every need, the parapharmacy immediately took steps to make a convenient and practical home delivery service available to the customer.

This option can be a valid tool for all those who do not have the time to go to the pharmacy, perhaps respect waiting times for queues or waste time finding parking, etc. Through the home delivery service, on the other hand, you can take advantage of all of Farmainforma's expertise through a contact or through the virtual showcase created specifically by Farmainforma for this purpose.

By completing your order in this way, you will eliminate all dead times and you will also have everything comfortably at home. What makes this service really important and noteworthy is the cost.

Farminforma in the area offers free home delivery. Nothing more comfortable then, but also convenient. There are many cases in which a daily supply of a parapharmaceutical or a certain product is needed for regular intake.

In these cases, having the opportunity to take advantage not only of a fully automated and digital ordering service, but to be able to use everything for free, comfortably receiving the goods at home, gives an idea of Farmainforma's professionalism.

Farmainforma is a 360° service for personal care. In addition to those already mentioned, the parapharmacy offers oral hygiene products and a section dedicated to new mothers.

You can choose from a wide range of baby and breastfeeding items, as well as a section dedicated to homeopathic parapharmaceuticals.

Finally, the last section concerns veterinary products. The desire to continue to meet the user's needs in all its facets has prompted the brand to develop its own online presence to allow everyone to use its services.

Much of the quality offered by Farmainforma is based on the choice of the best products in the parapharmaceutical and cosmetics sector, as well as hair care products.

In these cases, relying on the best that the market can give is essential to offer quality items. Farmainforma is in fact the image of Personal Salus srl. This manufacturer engages in the retail and wholesale business of many quality products.

The company wanted to make all its experience available through a brand closer to the needs of the parapharmaceutical sector through Farmainforma.

Through this logo, the company has brought the union between quality and professionalism into the field to offer the best that a parapharmacy could offer. In this way, the manufacturer was able to characterize a market proposal that had a very competitive quality/price ratio.

The attentive eye to the cost of the products, combined with the attention and verification of the quality and safety that characterizes the various articles in different sectors, has led Personal Salus srl to meet the end customers through its retail trade and therefore with a direct relationship between producer and consumer.

This relationship has made available to the end user the best products on the market today, at an affordable price.

Website: www.farmmainforma.net

Much attention has been paid to the improvement of the Web Vitals metrics as requested by Google, in order to bring about a marked improvement in the experience on the pages in Google Search Console and above all by the mobile user.

The initial situation presented several problems and excessive loading times, the Largest Contentful Paint was more than 7 seconds and the Total Blocking Time is about 2 seconds. The complete loading time of the ecommerce was more than 15 seconds, these metrics not only penalized the SEO positioning in the Google SERP but also the conversions, increasing the bounce rate and those failing to order, left the site directly.

Old site situation before optimization

The GTmetrix performance report classified the ecommerce in class F , thanks to the optimization of PrestaShop, the server and the WhareHouse template we were able to bring the ecommerce into class A , with a TTFB just over 100ms and a complete loading time by about 1.4s , all metrics returned to optimal values.

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