Giardino di Arianna e-commerce Migration migrated from PrestaShop 1.6 to 1.7 and carried out the restyling of the e-commerce of Il Giardino di Arianna Cosmetics is becoming an increasingly important aspect in the life of any man. Creams, make-up and aesthetic products for the bathroom are essential, but it is good to pay attention to what you are going to buy.

Cosmetics is becoming an increasingly important aspect in any man's life. Creams, make-up and aesthetic products for the bathroom are essential, but it is good to pay attention to what you are going to buy.

Substances that contain aggressive elements are not recommended, as they could damage the skin or even the health of those who use them regularly, even unknowingly. For this reason, especially in recent years, the awareness of having to choose organic and eco-friendly items is growing.

In fact, these are characterized by a specially issued label which ensures the protection of the natural environment. This happens thanks to the use of biodegradable materials, ingredients of certified biological origin and recycled packaging. In this way, all species, both animals and plants, are respected, for a certainly better and cleaner future.

For some years now, precisely for this reason, Il Giardino di Arianna has become an innovative and avant-garde e-commerce. The categories are divided and specifically into: face, make-up, body, hair, products for men, organic cosmetics during pregnancy, baby products, organic sun creams, essences and hygiene for the home and gift ideas.

As regards, instead, the structure of the e-commerce, reference is made to a refined style, but still simple and very understandable.

Il Giardino di Arianna offers a rather wide and excellent range of product categories, qualitatively speaking. In fact, to the extent possible, the goods marketed appear to be bio-based.

The online e-commerce section is completed by the organic sales section, an area that is clear and accessible to anyone, through which various discounted products can be acquired. In particular, it refers to current offers, i.e. price reductions for certain items.
As already mentioned, the logic for the purchase is extremely intuitive for anyone. As an e-commerce, in general, it follows quality and ecological standards, respecting the environment.

In addition to this, it is good to pay special attention to the wording Greenatural. The latter corresponds to a brand that offers its customers natural cosmetic products rich in organic substances and extracts.

Some products offered on the market do not safeguard the safety of the skin of small children. The e-commerce in question, on the other hand, provides healthy and healthy cosmetics, for the tranquility of the whole family including babies. This can only be done with a scientific, specific and periodic control, which is carried out by employees of the organic cosmetics sector. Don't miss the items on offer.

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