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Evvvai.con is a splendid entrepreneurial reality in the branch of e-commerce in Italy. The online shop, belonging to the Trev Srl company, located in San Salvo, in the province of Chieti, is now a point of reference for the distribution and sale of agricultural and gardening products. Passionate farmers, breeders with many years of experience, professional craftsmen, hardware stores, farmers, do-it-yourself novices and do-it-yourself enthusiasts are increasingly turning to this company that has 30 years of history in the marketing of quality items at affordable prices. convenient.

Furthermore, with the rediscovery of the vegetable garden and green spaces, more and more people are turning to this specialized website to complete works of excellent quality. A green corner adjacent to your home, if cared for properly, in fact, gives a truly remarkable glance. Making a good impression with guests, thanks to the tools marketed on evvvai.com is, therefore, the absolute normality.

Customer satisfaction first of all

What sets evvvai.com apart is the fact that all products on sale come with a 2-year warranty. This clearly suggests that customer satisfaction is first and foremost in the business philosophy of this e-commerce portal.

Why choose evvvai.com?

Variety of products in line with the needs of the target

There are many reasons. First, worthy of attention is the variety of articles that can be found on this e-commerce site. There really is something for all tastes: between power tools, devices for irrigation and spraying, tools for cutting and pruning, tools for gardening, devices in the zootechnical branch, articles for disinfestation and for rodent control, systems for the production of wine, objects for olive harvesting, anyone can be satisfied, as evvvai.com is able to fully meet the needs of professionals with top-of-the-range brands, able to offer cutting-edge solutions and of the latest generation, but also the basic needs of novices who are taking their first steps in a sector unknown to them in the past. In the latter case, there is certainly no shortage of entry level solutions, characterized by an operation within everyone's reach.

Clearly, even the target of expert users with medium-high knowledge sees their requests protected with articles of excellent quality.

Well-written product sheets and video tutorials

Sometimes, those who are beginners in the sectors just mentioned may not necessarily have a clear idea of what to buy. Maybe he also has a clear idea of what he needs to face an urgency or to solve a problem, but nevertheless in an increasingly competitive market like the current one where there is too much commercial offer, making the right decision is now increasingly complex.

Within the product data sheets on evvvai.com, you will not find only and exclusively "cold" data on technical parameters. Those are conveniently found on the internet, but a whole host of information you won't find elsewhere. What do you need that product for? If, how much and why is it worth buying? In addition to the explanation, there is the appropriate video that shows you what are the tasks that the article you are interested in is able to complete.

Ultra-competitive prices

Shipments are also characterized by speed. In principle, thanks to the choice of the best couriers, the items are delivered throughout the national territory in a period of time equal to 1 day. Order the product by 12 noon on Monday? You will then receive it already on Tuesday. In addition, for orders over € 29, delivery takes place free of charge. Better than this?

High-level pre-sales and after-sales

But the flagship of evvvai.com's commercial offer is the after-sales pre-sale. In industries such as those in which farmers, DIY enthusiasts and garden professionals work, it is advisable to pay attention to their needs during the purchase phase, but also once the transactions have been completed.

Thanks to the meticulous knowledge of the items offered for sale, the customer service of evvvai.com is able to better frame the article that best suits your specific needs and to follow you step by step, if you need clarifications and explanations. which go more on the technical side. The satisfaction of the numerous customers is on the other hand what has allowed the growth and consecration of this entrepreneurial reality in the branch of online sales.

Verified transactions

Payments on this platform are absolutely safe. It's up to you to choose your preferred payment method.

And for resellers?

Evvvai.com also caters to retailers in the sector, guaranteeing them the advantageous opportunity to access an exclusive price list. After having read the catalog of this e-commerce site, dedicated to the world of gardening, agriculture, hardware and livestock, you can take into account the wholesale prices and save considerably on your supplies. All without any kind of commitment.

Conclusions In short, when there is to buy products in the field of gardening, agriculture, do-it-yourself, livestock, DIY, hardware and much more, evvvai.com has become the point of reference for years now. for many customers. Buying on this e-commerce site is very simple. Seeing the articles in the various sections, you will have new perspectives for your passions or for your business. Find out why too.

Ecommerce: www.evvvai.com

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