Tecnoacquisti .com has optimized and updated the ceramiche-civitacastellana.com PrestaShop ecommerce , starting with the correction of various database referential integrity problems due to errors during the migration from Magento to PrestaShop previously performed by another agency.

Ceramiche Civita Castellana was extremely slow with a TTFB that often exceeded 900ms , the server response time worsened in the category pages, denoting a problem in the ecommerce structure as well as on the hosting side where there was a lack of support for the HTTP/2 protocol and GZIP compression .


This issue was detected by Google Search Console and significantly impacted Web Vitals metrics . The situation deteriorated considerably with the increase of simultaneous accesses to ecommerce as evidenced by the benchmark with siege where very low values were recorded with 232hits against the current 1391 and a response time of 3.71s against the current 0.70s.

Civita Castellana ceramics

Benchmark Siege 50 users before surgery

PrestaShop benchmarks

Benchmark Siege 50 users post-intervention

BenchMark Sige 50 users

Preliminary tests highlighted the need to migrate PrestaShop to one of our hosting solutions, following the migration the server response time improved significantly, resulting in less than 700ms, but still too high for our standards, despite the optimization on the hosting side with the support of HTTP/2 and GZIP compression brought ecommerce into Web Vitals metrics .

TTFB Optimal according to Google

Analysis of the server logs showed database integrity issues, a similar issue to issues #22215 as during the migration from Magento the vat_number and dni fields were set to NULL value , a simple manual fix and database optimization resolved the problem.

The WareHouse template featured several changes made directly in the "core" by the previous agency without using a Child theme as recommended to allow easy updating of the template and PrestaShop . The changes were implemented in a non-optimal way and generated JS errors in the front-end and several small problems, it was also necessary to update PrestaShop to a more recent version as the one in use was affected by several bugs and security problems, it was therefore decided with the It's an opportunity to create an optimized Child theme to make ecommerce more responsive and compatible with various browsers.

Result of PrestaShop optimization

GTmetrix Grade A PrestaShop

The final result of the optimization has seen the improvement of all the metrics, the TTFB has dropped on average below 100ms (Google recommends not exceeding 800ms), all the Web Vitals metrics are respected and the complete loading time (Fully Loaded Time) of the site went from 3.1s to 972ms, below 1s . All warnings in Google Search Console Page Experience are cleared, and the improvement was notable for mobile devices.

The optimization has not only made the user experience more rewarding by increasing conversions, but has led to an improvement in SEO indexing; Zoom Authority (ZA) has gone from 38 to 44 , from 3596 keywords of which 591 on the first page in the SERP to 5213 keywords of which 855 on the first page .

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