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Skyfarma is an e-commerce that allows all this: in a few simple clicks you can choose from a wide range of products for health care, wellness and beauty and make the purchase in a simple and safe way, receiving the package directly to your home in just 24/48 hours.

Skyfarma will thus become your trusted pharmacy, with the convenience of being all online.

Below is a guide for purchases on Skyfarma e-commerce, from the products available, the structure of the site, the methods of purchase and the reasons for purchasing through this site.

Skyfarma: what products can I buy.
Skyfarma: site structure and functionality.
Skyfarma: why buy from this site.

Skyfarma: what products can I buy

Skyfarma offers a wide choice of products, an always assorted catalog of everything you can normally buy in pharmacies.
Are proposed:
• over-the-counter medications
• parapharmaceuticals
• detergents and personal care products
• cosmetics
• supplements
And also for each single category there is a wide choice, in fact products of different brands, formulations and different formats are proposed. The restocking takes place periodically and frequently, in order to always guarantee availability and respond to your needs.
Also on the site you will find all the news, so you can buy your trusted brands, but also try new products that have just come out on the market.

Among the over-the-counter medicines you will find all the medicines necessary for the treatment of fever, cold, cough, back pain and all ailments.
Among the parapharmaceuticals you can buy, for example, vitamins, minerals, digestives and much more.
There are also many personal care products: facial cleansers, toothpastes, mouthwashes, shampoos, shower gels and body products.
Cosmetics such as moisturizers, toners, nail polishes, tints, lipstick, mascara are also sold.
Finally, you can buy specific products for sports needs, such as mineral supplements, vitamins, products to prevent cramps or to replenish fluids and mineral salts and also for dietary requirements. An example of the latter category are drains, slimming creams, food supplements, weight control products and even reduced calorie foods.

Electromedical devices are also present in the e-commerce catalog, such as medical equipment: scales, thermometers, electric toothbrushes and accessories for cleaning teeth and appliances, pressure gauges.

The catalog is rich and you will find the product that best meets your needs.
Furthermore, the prices are very competitive: Skyfarma is also on, Google Shopping and Pharmaceutical Prices because it offers some products at a lower price than other pharmacies and e-commerce.

Skyfarma: site structure and functionality
Skyfarma e-commerce is a user friendly website, therefore very simple to use and well organized to guarantee a purchase in a few simple clicks.
It is designed for consultation and purchase from any device, whether computer, tablet or smartphone.
So you can make your purchases even when you are away from home, with your mobile phone or tablet. The purchase is simple to guarantee the possibility for the most experienced of online purchases and not a quick and reliable shopping experience, without errors or technical problems.

On the homepage of the site it will be possible to browse among some of the most popular categories of the moment. In addition, a section of the products most purchased by users is proposed, customized according to your habits

of purchase to find immediately the products already purchased, a section for the most popular ones among all users and finally the active promotions and offers.
The search and choice of products is facilitated thanks to the proposed categories, which can be accessed to view all related products.
Furthermore, many search filters are available to sort the results of the selected category according to the desired criterion: best sellers, in alphabetical order and by price, from cheapest or most expensive.
Everything is also facilitated by the search bar, with which you can search the entire site based on one or more keywords.
For each product there is a precise description with product details and image.
With a click you can decide the quantity to buy and add to the cart, to proceed with the payment or continue shopping calmly.
Once the choice is complete, the products will be saved in the cart and it is therefore time to proceed with the payment.
You will be asked to login, for those who already have a personal profile, or to register, by filling in a form with personal information (for example name, surname, mobile phone, e-mail and date of birth).
Also on this page you will have the opportunity to enter any discount codes that will be applied directly to the total.
On the next page, you will be asked to fill in the form for the address to send the package to and you will be offered the possibility to choose the shipping method: directly at home or with collection at a collection point.

By entering the payment and confirmation data, the order is correctly created and a confirmation email will be sent, with also the details to track the shipment.
The shipment will be made from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 18:00.

Skyfarma: why buy from this site

The major benefits of a purchase from Skyfarma:

• Security for purchases
• Ease of use
• Shipping in 24/48 hours
• Free shipping over 99 euros
• Competitive prices
• Quick checkout
• 24/7 assistance
• Different payment methods

Skyfarma is a safe e-commerce with which to make your traditional purchases of drugs, parapharmaceuticals, supplements, etc. from the comfort of your home.

Skyfarma guarantees the arrival of the package directly to your home in a very short time: shipments in 24, maximum 48, hours. The service is efficient and delivery times are respected.

In addition, shipping is free for orders over € 99, or for orders below this amount, standard shipping costs 6.90. Prices are competitive, guaranteeing the purchase of quality products at reduced prices.

On the website, at the bottom of the home page, you are given the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date on the offers and promotions of the moment and also to have a welcome coupon.
Check-out is quick, you can register on the site by creating a personal profile so that you can view the order history, receive suggestions based on purchases, create a wish list and register the payment method to reduce the time required to confirm the purchase.
The site is safe, even in payments, which can be made in different ways, such as credit and debit card, paypal and amazon pay.

In addition, Skyfarma offers a livechat, easily accessible on every page of the site as it will remain a band - send us a message -, through which you can communicate directly with the pharmacy, to get personalized advice and directions for your purchases.
It is a livechat so you will receive an instant reply, but in the hours when the service is not available, you will still have the possibility to send a message, to which you can receive a quick reply.
There is also 24/7 technical support (24 hours a day and 7 days a week), which you can contact for website questions and an expert will guide you to solve any problems on the page, navigation or purchase.
For any other type of information there is an e-mail ( to which you can write a message.

Finally, Skyfarma is your trusted online pharmacy, the site where you can make all your purchases from the comfort of your home and receive them in just 24/48 hours. A secure e-commerce, which guarantees an efficient service.


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