Tecnoacquisti.com® has migrated from Prestashop 1.6 to Prestashop 8.0.x the ecommerce Elettro.shop, a company that has for years been the point of reference for companies and individuals who carry out work on electrical installations or deal with security.

The company has been involved in the electrical sector for more than 30 years, operating nationwide and offering the opportunity to purchase products from the best brands on the market in terms of safety and quality.

Safety, a key priority for Elettro.shop

One of the features that puts in common the different products offered by the company Elettro.shop is the safety factor, which assumes the utmost importance and ensures that customers can buy safe and certified products.

The lighting solutions proposed by Elettro Shop

The company specializes in the sale of various lighting products, offering a wide range of solutions that allow you to transform a dimly lit environment into one where light will be well present.

This is possible thanks to the various LED bulbs that, in addition to offering an excellent degree of illumination, guarantee:

- very low power consumption, thus allowing significant energy savings and bill costs;

- an increase in the degree of safety, since the absence of combustion prevents the bursting of the bulb or other similar situations; - a very high longevity compared to classic halogen lamps;

- the opportunity to be able to install them without any difficulty and without having to carry out special installation work.

The company offers several variants of this lighting system, again offering the opportunity to identify the one that best suits all one's needs. It also offers a variety of alternatives that can be used to improve this area, making each and every room bright.

Home security, but not only, proposed by electro.shop

Elettro.shop also specializes in offering different security systems useful for protecting one's home or business, allowing also in this circumstance to make one's final decision fall on a wide range of products all different from each other.
In this case, it is important to consider how the company offers its customers:

- video surveillance systems that can also be used remotely, thus offering a general overview of the situation and intervene in the event of potential danger;

- perimeter sensors that allow you to know in real time when that particular area is being violated and visualize who it is;

- video intercoms, which ensure that you can see who it is when the door of your home is knocked;

- alarm systems that avert attempts to steal and break into your property, again offering the highest level of security.

These are different devices that offer the opportunity to be serene while outside one's home and to intervene in a timely manner with a report to law enforcement, which can intervene quickly and effectively averting any potential negative situation that generates heavy repercussions.

Elettro.shop, the ecommerce

The company also offers several other tools that allow to improve a system or the home itself.
Among them stand out the electrical consumables, so cables, sockets and other items that must be used for the implementation or improvement of an existing electrical system.
In addition to this category of items, the company also offers the useful tools to carry out the different works in the electrical field, so the appropriate screwdrivers and several other tools thanks to which it is possible to carry out in total safety.

A special mention also to the air conditioning systems offered, which are easy to install; they enjoy various functions that allow you to customize the temperature within an environment; they are equipped with intuitive controls and offer a rather large customization park, thus allowing an always different use that adapts to different seasonal needs, keeping the temperature always pleasant within that home or work environment.

The various home automation systems and all the tools that can be connected to them to automate certain functions of the home, such as shutters or gas taps, also stand out, offering full control of the home or facility where such a system is installed.

Finally, the company also offers the products that are closely related to the IT sector and that allow changes to be made to the various virtual structures, again allowing a significant improvement on the front end of the use of such applications.

Thanks to all these solutions, the company Elettro Shop allows freelancers, private customers and companies to find a wide range of products that can be carefully exploited and allow to achieve a great end result in terms of satisfaction and use of the various items in the extensive catalog.

website: electro.shop

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