Espera Publishing House

Edizioni Espera is a publishing house attentive to the needs of each author. It has its roots in the early 2000s in the Archaeological Library of Rome. The founders were archaeologists, so the majority of publications were of an archaeological nature. In 2016 it was taken over by an all-female team who created a new graphic design, but maintained an editorial line linked to archeology and ancient history. The publishing house's motto is: tell the past to understand the present and the future. Through its publications Edizioni Espera tries to keep alive the interest in the history of humanity and its origins. To his credit he has collaborations with universities, museums, private and public institutions making his way onto the Italian publishing scene.


Among the scientific series Espera has published the volume City disappeared of Sabina which collects new data and information on some interesting and representative historical sites of the territory, such as Roccantica and Poggio Catino at the Tancia pass between the municipalities of Monte San Giovanni, Caprignano a Casperia , Lucus in Poggio Mirteto and the Curtis dei Lauri in the vicinity of Montasola. A diagnostic analysis was made of each site, retracing the most significant and eloquent historical stages. In some places it has been possible to understand the stories of characters, specific facts of the past and of the everyday life of ancient sites that have now disappeared.

Children's editions

Edizioni Espera combines series dedicated to scientific dissemination with didactic texts on antiquity dedicated to children. An example is Nero and the mystery of the copper beard. A book different from all the others. It tells the adventures of a child who decides to discover, together with his friends, an ancient mystery linked to his father's name. Everything takes place in ancient Rome and the main subject is Nero, the ancient historical figure accused of having set fire to Rome and killing many people. Nero has often been portrayed as a furious, fat and ugly madman but history tells us that he had copper-colored hair and beautiful green eyes. An engaging book to read, but which also tells the true story of the most controversial Roman emperor of ancient Rome. An original and fun way to introduce children to reading and the world of history. Edizioni Espera supports a scientific dissemination project to tell even the little ones what the history of evolution has been. Flavia Salomone, collaborator of the Espera publishing house, believed a lot in this work up to the writing of her text Once upon a time ... Homo. From Homo naledi to Argil up to Homo sapiens. The questions the author tries to answer through this book are: Who are we? Where do we come from? When was language born? The language is simple and suitable for the youngest readers who are discovering our origins. The book follows the success of the previous one and will lead every child to discover the most famous fossils found and the ancient ancestors.

QuantoBasta project

The pride of the Espera publishing house is certainly the QuantoBasta publishing project, which consists in the creation of practical pocket manuals. Excellent work tools always available for use that will not make you give up on accuracy. Despite their size, the manueli remain as complete as possible and have been designed for students, professionals of the sector and enthusiasts of the sector. QuantoBasta, with its six small tools, aims to offer precious help, however small.

Edizioni Espera makes available to all scientific, humanistic and historical faculties texts for universities and bibliographic information for all disciplines and sectors:

  • storytelling
  • non-fiction
  • children's books
  • scientific necklaces
  • popular series.

Among the subjects covered there are texts of Christian, Roman and early medieval archeology. Books that touch different historical moments, from prehistory or protohistory to modern and contemporary history. In addition to the issues addressed, the publishing house is also attentive to the selection of authors who are often selected by the academic world, including researchers and university professors. The choice is always accurate and with attention to the quality of the contents and the form. At the moment no foreign authors are published. The volumes are requested by museums, archaeological sites, superintendencies and libraries. Edizioni Espera starts by studying the past, but is focused on the future. Article title:

Other relevant publications

Among the most important collaborations to underline, one cannot fail to mention the series dedicated to the Central Museum of Palethnology, strongly desired by Luigi Pigorini. Many large historical museums built in Europe presented history from the prehistoric period up to contemporary popular cultures. In 1923, thanks to Pigorini, the Ethnographic Prehistoric Museum underwent an extraordinary development until it occupied the entire third and part of the fourth floor of the building. The prehistoric and ethnographic collections are still the subject of great studies today, both for importance and rarity. A text that will lead you to the discovery of objects that speak of ancient stories and other ways of thinking.

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