Tecnoacquisti.com® has created the new Ecommerce in PS 1.7 by Venarshop.com, a confectionery distribution company that aims to be more than a simple product distributor. Venar Srl is not a simple company that supplies products to tobacco bars and bars, but experts and professionals in the sector.

Venarshop has been committed, since 1960, the year of its foundation in Rome, in the confectionery sector, in which it took its first steps, trying, as a primary objective, to satisfy the needs of its customers, in order to satisfy not only the children but also adults.

Often, when we talk about sweets, we somehow leaf through our memory album and thoughts go to childhood and some pleasant thoughts about candy or particular cakes, made many times with care by their mothers or grandmothers: the goal of company is to market and distribute the confectionery products of the best brands in the sector, evoking in its customers the pleasant sensations experienced at a young age or particularly related to events that they would like to relive personally.

To enter people's hearts it is essential to give the best of oneself and Venar Srl is not aware of it, so much so that it has managed to realize all the amount of work that has seen it protagonist alongside the various leaders of the confectionery sector: it is important to work every day well, always remembering the point from which you started.

Aware of all this, the Venarshop owners have decided to invest time and skills in a very demanding activity that is also capable of giving enormous satisfaction.

Emerging in such a competitive sector is really very complicated, but Venar Srl, since its foundation, has decided to undertake a virtuous path based on quality. Initially it started with the supply of tobacconists, bars, pastry shops and food shops, but the best offer in terms of quality allowed it to make a difference compared to wholesalers and other various operators, managing to emerge despite the intense competition.

This philosophy of quality is a real value: it was certainly the starting point but over time it has characterized not only the products but also all the activities that have been carried out by the company.

To be among the best, however, it is not important to focus only on quality: competitiveness, in fact, also arises from innovation and from knowing how to look ahead, consequently intuition becomes a fundamental component to emerge in a sector that sees different protagonists. large companies.

Innovation is one of the aspects that allows us to really make a difference, for this reason Venarshop has decided to start a renewal process, without underestimating the evolutions that characterize the market.

In particular, in 1993 it decided to take a further step forward by enriching its offer, effectively expanding the range of its products. This decision led her to deal not only with sweets but also with drinks, wines and spirits.

By carefully observing competitors and consumer behavior, Venar Srl understood that it was important to differentiate and differentiate, investing in something new to improve an offer already characterized by high quality levels.

This has made it possible to stand out in the market: the high quality guaranteed with its products has been one of the main factors that has favored the satisfaction of the needs of an increasing number of customers.

Venar Srl, giving one eye to the market and another to the customer, wants to try and never stop: the company is growing rapidly and this is also possible thanks to the experience and widespread service that is made available to its customers.

In addition to this, it is necessary to consider all those values that animate its business context and that they try to transmit daily to all customers who for years have decided to choose it by purchasing its products, such as empathy.

It is important, in every sector, to identify with and understand people, especially in the confectionery one, since living in fact in contact with them you must always be on the piece to try to meet their needs. Another of the strengths of Venarshop is the seriousness: quality is certainly one of the factors that guide the customer in choosing the factors to buy, but it is equally essential to consider how the company relates to customers and if through these contacts it emerges. all its seriousness.

This is also quality. In addition, Venar Srl, having been operating on the market for several years, now boasts a fair amount of experience: being in contact with people, it is able to identify their needs, above all thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the market and its evolution methods.

The operators in the sector who decide to purchase Venarshop products are always numerous: in addition to quality and reliability, it must be borne in mind that it is a company capable of fully satisfying its customers, which is why they have made available the Ecommerce site to allow customers to place orders (Bar, Bar Tabacchi, Tabacchi) in full autonomy.

Ecommerce allows you to satisfy a clientele as well as professionals as well as individuals.

Website: venarshop.com

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