Paypal is a very popular payment system that is coming to the fore in recent years due to its fast and secure means, which allow you to move money or pay for services without additional costs or net of some small commission. Despite this, Paypal is still slightly limited from some point of view, also due to its low diffusion in some online stores - which do not accept it - and due to the lack of flexibility in some areas, especially that which up to a few days ago was the impossibility of resorting to a loan or payment in installments for the purchase of goods and services.

The trend reversal changed on November 15, 2021 and today with Paypal it is possible to join the Paypal initiative pay in 3 installments , with which it is possible to stagger the payment of one amount in three different payments, in order to lighten the outlay. instant economic and still be able to buy a good that you want even if you do not have the necessary economic capacity immediately.

Of course, joining Paypal pays in 3 installments has different conditions and obligations to be met by both the buyer and the merchant. This guide to Paypal pay in 3 installments will list the necessary and sufficient conditions to be able to join the initiative, the limits to which it is necessary to comply and the commission costs, if any.

How to join the Paypal initiative pays in 3 installments by the merchant

To allow buyers to pay in installments, it is first of all necessary to have a corporate Paypal account, which can be opened by going to the specific page of the site. If, on the other hand, you already own one, simply request the activation of the system pay in installments with Paypal directly from the control panel of your account, or by calling or contacting customer support.

The reasons why it is important to join Paypal pay in 3 installments is basically to increase the sales of your e-commerce, properly advertising this possibility. Furthermore, there are many advantages deriving collateral from this initiative: customer loyalty is increased, who will see this possibility as a way to increase their purchases without depriving themselves heavily of useful money and accessing a safe and functional service, guaranteed by Paypal with the certainty of being able to count on refunds and security clauses typical of the service.

From a functional point of view, when the user purchases an item sold through the Pay in 3 installments service with Paypal, he undertakes to pay for the good or service purchased according to a specific calendar pre-established at the time of acceptance of the contract. The payment of vacant sums will be automatically debited from the buyer's account and paid to that of the merchant net of Paypal rates, but without other additional costs than those already foreseen. For this reason, the functionality is no more expensive than what already exists and therefore allows you to buy the good at the same price.

AND However, it should be noted that the merchant must accept within 27 days from the calendar of the signing of the Paypal loan agreement to pay in 3 installments , under penalty of cancellation of the contract.

How to join the Paypal initiative pay in 3 installments as a buyer

Those who are preparing to buy a product with Paypal at an online shop that provides the possibility of paying in installments will find in Paypal paying in 3 installments a valid ally in order not to deprive themselves of important sums of money immediately. First of all, it is good to clarify that the sum financed and paid in installments cannot exceed 2000 euros and cannot be less than 30 euros. For this reason, the tool is a valuable aid in many online situations.

The installment plan may be subject to approval and possible refusal in the event that the credit history of the Paypal account holder is a bad creditor, for this reason Paypal reserves the right to verify and request the user's personal data at any time, in order to carry out the necessary checks on the user's financial history. The repayment plan of the amount in installments is stipulated in 3 installments that must be paid within 2 months, without any Annual Effective Global Rate (the so-called APR) and no default charges or additional commission costs compared to those already present.

Naturally, at any time the buyer can make the early repayment in case he has immediate interest or solvency: in this case the return contract with Paypal pays in 3 installments is concluded and no further payments or other interest or commissions will be due. The payment of the financed installment to the buyer's account takes place automatically directly on the current account or the debit / credit / rechargeable card associated with the account: in the event that these do not have funds to be withdrawn, Paypal reserves the right to carry out the withdrawal from the Paypal account itself.

Finally, in the event of insolvency, excessive delay in the installments, Paypal reserves the right to act in the most appropriate legal position to protect its interests, in addition to those of the merchant, for the repayment of the amount due.

In conclusion: paying with Paypal pay in 3 installments is it worthwhile?

Of course, paying in installments usually turns out to be an important opportunity for both the seller and the buyer: the former manages to increase his turnover, while the latter manages to obtain an object that he could not otherwise buy immediately. paying it in installments, guaranteeing a constant income to the seller and reducing the pressure on his current account.

In general, where it is possible to buy an item with Paypal, pay in 3 installments, it is good to do so, in case you are sure that you do not have a suspicious credit history and a constant amount of money: the lack of additional commissions compared to those already provided for payment via Paypal, combined with the safety and seriousness that this company has shown, allow you to use this service peacefully whether you are a seller or a buyer.

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