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Ecommerce solutions in Art PrestaShop and Computer Science, designed for small and medium-sized businesses in order to ease entry into online commerce.

Arte e Informatica aims to offer transparent user solutions by masking technology as much as possible, in order to increase the ease for the use of products and services, the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which users reach certain objectives in certain contexts. Using e-commerce as an example, it is clear that this approach offers numerous advantages which make the difference between networking and doing business within its use. 

Arte e Informatica was born post the worst global economic crisis (in 2008), managing to grow constantly despite it being such a difficult period, proud of having helped many customers to find new business and market channels. Arte e Informatica's mission has always been to offer quality of services for large companies to small and medium-sized businesses, to make them competitive on a global market which is constantly subject to rapid changes.

Arte e Informatica has been developing modules and solutions based on PrestaShop since 2010, by migrating the previously developed works in VirueMart, Magento and Zen Cart. Very successful modules such as Art Web Master Tools and payment gateways for 18app and Teacher Card. As well as solutions for importing from CSV and XLS files, updating and synchronizing your ecommerce products with your management, or in dropshipping.

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AddThis is a social bookmarking service that is amongst, if not actually, the best in the industry. Using the module, it’s easy to insert the code to display the service’s Web Site Tools.

25,42 € 29,90 € -15%
Versione: 1.0.5 (28/05/2018)

The Messenger Platform's customer chat plugin allows you to integrate your Messenger experience directly into your website. 

25,42 € 29,90 € -15%
Versione: 1.0.2 (14/06/2018)

The configuration of the module is very simple: just enter the API ID and Site ID provided by Iubenda to immediately integrate all the service's functions. It will thus be possible to integrate the privacy policy, the cookie policy, and the cookies law banner if necessary, in a simple and intuitive way.

25,42 € 29,90 € -15%
Versione: 1.0.4 (13/05/2018)

Gateway di pagamento per PrestaShop 1.6.X per i buoni Carta del Docente e la 18app si semplice installazione e utilizzo. Permette di convalidare gli ordini e ricevere come pagamento un buono  Carta del Docente e/o 18app.

127,20 € 159,00 € -20%

Inserts the information and links to the back-end and/or front-end demo of the virtual software/product in the product sheet and the software version in the product list (category view).

29,00 €
Versione: 1.1.8 (31/10/2017)

Art Pingdom Real User Monitoring enables you to insert the monitoring code into your own online shop in PrestaShop. The code will be inserted before the </head> tag

25,49 € 29,99 € -15%
Versione: 1.0.0

The Art Carta del Docente Light module allows you to accept payments through Carta del Docente by verifying and burning the voucher through the SOAP calls from the MIUR Web Service (Ministry of Education of University and Research).

110,49 € 129,99 € -15%
Versione: 1.1.5

Art insert the monitoring code into your own online shop in PrestaShop. The code will be inserted before the tag for look at your website through your customer's eyes!

0,00 €
Versione: 1.0.0

7 modules in 1: Art WebMaster Tools enables you to enter the verification tags of Google, Bing, Norton, Yandex and Mywot. It inserts the hreflang and canonical tags as well as Google Tag Manager, Facebook Open Graph, Facebook Pixel and Google Adwords Conversion. Art WebMaster Tools also generates the Apple Touch Icon and Favicon PNG.

25,49 € 29,99 € -15%
Versione: 1.4.4 beta (28/04/2018)

The module integrates the Zendesk Zopin chat in a simple way: it's one of the best solutions for assisting clients and monitoring their behaviour in one's electroni commerce.

25,49 € 29,99 € -15%
Versione: 1.0.4 (23/04/2018)

The module inserts the manufacturer’s name into the product with a link to the same brand products, providing the option of activating a TAB description of the manufacturer. 

25,49 € 29,99 € -15%
Versione: 2.2.4 (20/08/2018)

The module allows you to import products and orders then generate and upload documents: invoices, credit notes, delivery notes, etc.Uploaded documents are available in the customer profile of your PrestaShop ecommerce.

32,70 €
Versione: 1.0.4
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